Eat real food.

Is it just me? Or are you as confused by that long ass list on the back of your kids snack box (that says 'all natural'). Yeh right. Take a look at this when you get another five minutes

More and more chemicals are being used in (and on) American foods. Its almost as though the FDA is letting it  through and having a 'lets see' approach.  Lets see what happens. Let's hope nothing happens to the american people. Our kids. Grrrr.

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The best thing you can do for your family is EAT REAL FOOD. I get it, sometimes a donut is GREAT! I agree! But when your kids (or your diet) is made up of nasty fake stuff, like artificial colors or artificial flavors, you are not doing yourselves any favors. Lets not even talk about the preservatives and sweeteners (corn syrup) etc.

There are a number of local companies in the Bay Area that can help you get on track. Real Food Bay Area is one of them. Real Food Bay Area carries ONLY natural items that are sustainable and locally sourced, From grass fed meats, to probiotics.  They have sourced these items so carefully that you dont have to. This is a company you can trust.

There are many companies spreading the love, locally. Good Eggs and Grub Market are two more options. Grub Market works with a number of local food artisans and farms and promises 20-50% off what you would pay at other premium grocers. 

Now is a great time to switch out what is in your cupboards and start over. Give one of these companies a try and EAT REAL FOOD!