Insomnia and Formula

If you think your tots insomnia could be linked to the formula or diet you are following, this one is for you.

4 years ago our youngest son woke up EVERY HOUR!  And no he wasn's singing and cooing like most. He was in extreme pain and very upset. As were his parents :(

Yes he is a cute one. But his frequent wake up calls were SO loud. We were desperate. 

Both our kids were non nursers. Blame me. Its ok.. and I will leave out the sordid details and get right into what started the sleeplessness. FORMULA and all other dairy. I think we tried them all, even shipped them over from the UK. Atrocious reactions, super constipated and cranky. Finn developed a permafrown  way before he needed to. Poor guy. We started with Enfamil. No dice. Then Similac, then Gerber. 

There was a time when Gerber used to be all-natural, organic, and GMO free. However, all of that changed when Gerber was purchased by Nestlé. For many organic-supportive sites, blogs, and communities, this formula is the most questionable. It frustrates the heck out of me and I wish there was more education out there for new mums.

Not nitpicking every single ingredient in that grand buffet of a formula, but I will point out that the majority of the formula is made up of corn syrup solids. Most corn syrup is loaded with laboratory fructose, fake sugar that is notorious for causing diabetes. Also, most corn syrup comes from GMO corn these days. Is it any wonder our american kids have more neurological problems than the rest of the worlds developed countries? And tell me.. would you sleep 'like a baby' with your stomach pumped full of syrup?. Probably not. 

Sketch by Natalie Dee

Sketch by Natalie Dee

Here you will find a super helpful link to Food Babes detective work and a very helpful guide from The Non GMO Project

Now just turned five, he is way past formulas but seeing the new options you guys have out there for you, I cant help but feel cheated. Honest Company formula looks like a great option and gets rave reviews, but still contains corn syrup. So yes, they are much much better that the ones listed above, but still not amazing.

In order of preference, the best infant formulas, in my non-doctor opinion, are:

  1. Holle
  2. HiPP
  3. Baby’s Only
  4. Honest Company

We ended up with Baby's Only Organic. Mainly because the great Formulas of our  time are european and not readily available.  Finns issues went away and shortly after, we started a peaceful sleep plan with awesome results. Here is a link to the formula. If this one works for your bub too, I am sure Baby's Only would love to hear from you.

Wishing your family and your baby, a peaceful nights sleep.