Welcome to my new blog!


I am so excited to share My Sustainable Table blog with you all, it’s been such a looong project and I’m just so happy that you can now enjoy it! I’ve been listening to all your feedback on Instagram, Facebook and emails and I’ve tried to incorporate everything that you wanted to see into the new blog.  I’ve laid out a little guide of the new blog to show what you can expect to find in each section, so hopefully it will be easy to navigate. Hope you find some helpful tips and enjoy checking in now and again!

Thanks to my little team of awesome people that if it were not for you, this blog would not be here!

The Blog Section

Oh boy! I'm posting 'everything' in here. Can't wait to hear your comments and questions. Expect posts on my favorite things to do, such as cooking super healthy paleo meals, how to make your own dye free kids suckers, chemical-free kids sunscreen and natural perfumes. I'll be showing you how to make home made face masks, hair masks, etc as well as sharing some of my favorite natural brands. It will focus on everything that exists around a healthy lifestyle  - all for you and your family.

The Meal Menu section

Here you will find the weekly meal service options. All meals are Paleo friendly, gluten free, soy, dairy and corn free unless specified.

Meal menus are emailed out every Sunday for the week. Meals are delivered to your door, still hot.

Most meats are grass fed and organic. Part of the year you will be spoiled by my grass fed meats (which we get from an awesome grass fed and grass finished farm in Oregon called Four Brothers Heritage) Lucky you! 

Vegetarian and vegan meals are also available. Changes can be made to each item to suit your dietary needs. Just let me know! To get on the email list, please email: MySustainableTable@gmail.com. 

The Recipe Section

I'll be sharing all my favorite and newly concocted recipes with you here. Feel free to steal em, repost, share and show me your work! Please also let me know if you have any problems with anything you cook or bake. Remember to always follow recipes properly because with baking, it must be followed to a T to get the best results.

The Cakes Section

Here you will find the order form for a Lovely Little Cake. Ill post pics of new cakes weekly and you can also find more on facebook here https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lovely-Little-Cakes/377723282287135 





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