Cold season cometh...

I feel like a genius today. 

I have a love hate relationship with my candy thermometer. Sometimes candies work out and sometimes they do not. Its usually all my fault for multi tasking.

Look at these beauties.


Throat lozenges. 100% natural. No preservatives (we like that). No dyes (even better), no corn syrup or HFCS's (cool!). Your kids will love them!.

Onguard is great when you want to strengthen your immune system and guard against infection. Even better when you can take the oils orally with honey, agave, or juice at the onset of nagging symptoms of cold, flu, and viruses.

At the onset of a sore throat or to fight laryngitis, place 2-3 drops in ¼ cup of water, gargle, swish and pull for 5 minutes, then spit. Take 2 drops internally.

Our family is a big fan of Doterra Essential oils. See more info on Onguard here

Here is a fab way to get some goodness


Winter Spice Cough Drops


2 cups sugar

1/2 cup water

1/2 cup honey

1/4 cup butter

3-5 drops Onguard Essential Oil

2-3 drops of Lemon Essential Oil

Mix all the ingredients except Onguard in a heavy pan and cook slowly over medium heat until it reaches the HARD CRACK STAGE. Resist the urge to turn the heat up higher to speed up the process. It will burn unless you keep it on medium and check it often. Once you can drizzle a spoonful of the syrup into a cup of cold water and have it turn to brittle threads–take it off the heat immediately. Wait about 30 seconds to a minute and then add the OnGuard Essential Oil. Stir. Place in molds or drip onto parchment paper and cool. Refridgerate in ziplocks. If sticky, roll in powdered sugar! YUM.

If you would like more info on Doterra Oils. Here is the link.

Stay well xo




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