Hello Bay Area!,

At My Sustainable Table, we are obsessed with healing foods. Foods that help you feel good, foods that don't tire you out, hurt your gut, age you, or wear you down fast. Forever looking, forever learning and lucky for you, forever sharing. We also specialize in 'healthier' custom cakes which you can find when you click on Lovely Little Cakes above.

My Sustainable Table's ingredients are local sourced,  organic, gluten and gmo free, and seasonal, or we do not buy it!   MST meals and baked goods are now also available throughout the Bay Area when you order here

Please check back and enjoy my (british) opinions on GMO's, rants on feeding our kids better (obsessed) and lastly hope you LOVE my paleo and gluten free recipes. Most recipes are by me or re-worked so that I can share the most healthy concoctions with you!

I hope I tickle your fancy with both healthy foods and special occasion treats (yes the two cancel each other out) but I cannot help myself. 

Thanks for trusting my kitchen foibles!

Have a beautiful day. 


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